A veterinary ophthalmologist is a veterinarian who has undergone an intensive training programme over many years and passed an exhaustive set of written, practical and oral exams in order to be granted specialist status.
All Eye Clinic for Animals ophthalmologists trained under the auspices of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO), which is regarded as one, if not the best, training programme in the world. There are only about 220 or so board certified veterinary ophthalmologists worldwide.

Many eye problems can be dealt with by your local general practitioner. If your vet is unsure of the exact nature of a particular eye condition they may send you to a specialist. Veterinary ophthalmologists only deal with eye problems and if there are any other issues with your pet that need to be addressed then you will be referred back to your local vet for treatment.


An eye examination usually involves the use of sophisticated equipment and generally takes between 10 to 30 minutes. Other diagnostic tests may need to be performed as well. Usually examinations are performed without sedation or too much restraint, but if your pet is anxious or potentially aggressive, we may need to use sedation or a muzzle.


Consultations are by appointment only. Please call Eye Clinic For Animals at either North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre at Artarmon on (02) 9101 8600 or RSPCA Veterinary Hospital at Yagoona on 0457 393 838. We consult and perform surgeries from both locations. Please try to come 15 minutes prior to your appointment as there are usually clerical details which need to be obtained prior to your consultation.


All fees are payable at the time of consultation, or in the case of surgery at the time of discharge from the hospital. We accept payments by Cash, Direct Deposit, Mastercard or Visa. Please note that revisit fees after surgery are not included in the original consultation.

After your consultation we send your local vet a report of our findings and treatment recommendations. If you require further information you can contact one of our specialists by phone. It may not be possible to speak directly to them as they are often in consultations or in surgery, however our ophthalmology nurses or receptionists may be able to assist you. We will always try and return your calls within 24 hours. If you think the problem is urgent please advise our staff.